I used pywin32 to maximize the dualview window on start, but the provided installers don’t seem to let you install it in the maya folder and some versions just won’t let you import, so i made my own installer for Maya 64-bit:, for Maya 32-bit: and for Maya 2014, 2015: Make sure you choose the right directory (e.g. …Maya2014, …Maya2015).

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    Thanks for posting these. I have a couple of questions. Are these recompiled with the version of VS that maya uses? Is there any chance of getting a compiled version of pywin32-218 (or a writeup about the compiling process and I can do it myself)?

    And do these installers install anything outside of the maya folder? If I wanted to add these to a central shared location so that others didn’t have to install it, will that work by copying the contents that are added to site-packages, or are there additional dependencies that are needed?


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