freetrack Python Script

freetrack Python Script
 A tool for streaming and recording FreeTrack data.

 bin\FreeTrackClient64bit.dll (for Maya 64bit) - copy into FreeTrack folder.
 Quit Maya if it is running.
 Copy the script and icon files to the default maya scripts and icons folder.
 If you do not set the MAYA_APP_DIR variable, the default values are:
 Windows XP
  \Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\maya\scripts
  \Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\maya\<version>\prefs\icons
 Windows Vista and Windows 7
 Mac OS X
 Linux (64-bit)

 To run the script enter in the Python command line.
import freetrack


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    Andras Csefalvay

    i would like to thank you. I use dualview all the time, and I have also had found utility for the freetrack plugin.
    Here is what i created:

    I aimed for a handheld camera documentary style presence on a virtual stage.

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