A maya user interface for dualview displays.

 see readme.txt


β€’ Maya 2011 – 2017, also LT
β€’ 16 pane layouts
β€’ 3 preset options
β€’ 35 panels, incl. Modeling Toolkit,
Channel Box / Layer Editor, Own Panels
and Attribute Editor (currently BETA)

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    This script is great! Always need something like this to keep my windows organized, I would like to ask however, is there a way to add other panels? The one other thing I would really love to have available is the attribute editor as a panel. Also is there only the two windows or can I make it three? For example, outliner and attribute editor both visible at the same time, with the third panel to house all the other tabbed windows.

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    Thank you. It is possible to add other panels, but the attribute editor is not a panel it’s a window. The easiest way would be to make a custom panel (scriptedPanel) an parent the attribute editor layout underneath. Than it would be just a line in the dualview.cfg file such as “Attribute.attributeEditorPanel.dualview_attributeEditorPane”. Currently you can only make two panels, perhaps next version :).

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    Just uploaded a updated version, you can add the attribute editor by changing “$dualview_debug = 0;” to “$dualview_debug = 1;” in the dualview.mel but it doesn’t run very well because some functions can’t find the unparented editor anymore, this will cause maya to crash. i haven’t found a solution for this yet.

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    Hey,I run “import dualview” but maya feedback an error “# Error: ImportError: No module named win32gui # ” ,how’s it going?thanks~

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    Hi, don’t know why but there are import problems with win32gui. Try this version (i just comment out the code). Pywin32 was just added to maximize the window on start.

    Best regards.

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    Hi, Does this work on Maya 2013? I tried the x64 version pywin32-217 but i’m getting the same error even after the pywin install.

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    Hi I get this error;

    // Error: source “dualview_debug.mel”;
    // Error: Cannot find file “dualview_debug.mel” for source statement. //

    I put the dualview.mel into the scripts folder so I ended up with maya/2012-64/scripts/dualview.mel/
    and ran “import dualview” within the script editor python tab.

    I tried restarting Maya and leaving the folder structure from your dualview.zip intact within scripts folder (once with the 3 folders directly inside the scripts folder and another time with a dualview parent folder holding the 3 subfolders.

    I managed to load two other scripts before this one so confused what I might of done wrong, but I am a beginner so its probably some silly mistake πŸ™ … thanks in advance for any reply and for the work on the script it looks amazing! πŸ™‚

    Win7 ultimate / Maya 64bit 2012 and got 64bit pywin32 installed

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    Hi Thanks for the Update. I managed to load it up and see it, looks great -_- .. However it crashed and gave me this error.

    Fatal Error. Attempting to save in C:/Users/”Me”/AppData/Local/Temp/”me”.20120925.0716.ma

    Googled for a bit and decided to format and re-install, sadly did not fix it, any ideas?

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    Hey sorry for spamming your page but i thought this might be of use.

    Exception code: C0000005: ACCESS_VIOLATION – illegal read at address 0x00000130
    Fault address: 652BA203 in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012\bin\QtGui4.dll
    0001:002B9203 Logical offset (see .map file for location)

    //last tool: renderWindowSelectContextItem

    I read those tuts u gave me was certainly helpful understanding things, setup a nice external folder store scripts and stuff by editing my Maya.env thank you for that.

    Also I was curious that I have found u have two links to the maya-pywin32 64bit, one which attempts to save into a 2012 folder the other a 2013, I tried both for giggles redirecting the install for 2013 into 2012, didn’t change anything though. I guess the problem lies around the Qtgui4.dll

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    Hi, I don’t know what’s messed up with your setup and i can’t reproduce that error. There are two maya-pywin32 files one for the 64 bit maya version the other one for the 32 bit version, so pick the right one.

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    Shoot worried you would say that, I did re-install windows then Maya + maya-pywin32 x64 and chuck the scripts in the folder, cant imagine whats diff with my setup vs anyone else’s πŸ™ Thank you for the help, if I find a solution I will post it here.

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    Solved it! I deleted the stuff in your “dualview.ini” so it was empty and saved it, started Maya loaded your script and no crash πŸ™‚
    Window was empty so I added a few things to it, restarted and works perfectly, have no idea why having your presets in the INI file when installing crashed it but it did πŸ˜›

    Thanks again for making the script, you know i love it but how long i spent trying get it working XD

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    I’m glad it’s running now, although i don’t know why :). I just downloaded the file and checked again, still running with the preset. Maybe some character-encoding issues or something else… If you find bugs or have new suggestions feel free to post again.

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    Heya Staschi Been using your dual view for while now, figured I ask about a couple of things.

    I currently like to use just two Panes, on left channels/ outliner etc, and on right scripts, UV editor, perspective view etc.
    All under tabs of course, question is two things, a 3rd Empty Pane pops up on start up, I chose to ignore this for a while and simply swipe it closed. And also since there is no perspective Pane I made habit of adding a top Pane then just changing it to perspective by adding a new perspective view every time I open Maya.

    – Is it possible to add a New perspective automatically in code so theres a Panel for that?
    – And tell it to only have two Panes?
    – Also Dual view settings automatically pops up on every restart, can I stop that?

    These do not stop me from using the program how i like too, but be nice if it could be changed somehow.
    Anyway I dont know how easy it is too change, I figured I ask in case it was super easy πŸ˜€

    Thank you.

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    Hi that should be quiet easy. Just edit the dualview.mel (with an text editor like notepad++).

    – “Shot View” is an perspective editor just
    remove line 404 – 407

    if ($_dv_panelName=="customShotViewModelPanel") {

    - the function is already there just
    set "left Pane" to 2 and "center Pane" to 0 in dualview Settings

    - to stop the pop up
    change on line 203:

    $dv_settingsDockControl = `dockControl -label "dualview Settings" -area "right" -content $dv_scrollLayout -allowedArea "right" dv_settingsDockControl`;


    $dv_settingsDockControl = `dockControl -visible false -label "dualview Settings" -area "right" -content $dv_scrollLayout -allowedArea "right" dv_settingsDockControl`;

    and remove line 205 - 208

    else if (!`dockControl -query -visible dv_settingsDockControl`) {
    	dockControl -edit -visible true dv_settingsDockControl;

    than you can show the settings window with this mel command

    dockControl -edit -visible true dv_settingsDockControl;

    Maybe i will change this in the next version but currently don’t have the time to.

    Best regards.

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    Hi Staschi thanks for your nice dual view script but can you please compile pywin32 for Maya 2013 64-bit so we can use your script in Maya 2013 ?
    It has to be compiled with Visual Studio 2010 SP1. I hope you can help me you’re my only hope!

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    Hi, just install the 64-bit version into the maya 2013 folder (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2013). It worked in my case (2013/64-bit).

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    hi, sorry for the noob question, but I’m new to maya, how do I use or “install” this?

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    Sorry for the late reply,
    just put the script (dualview.mel) in your “DRIVE:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\maya\VERSION\scripts” folder (standard maya script folder) and optional the icon into “DRIVE:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\maya\VERSION\prefs\icons”

    Restart maya and run in MEL command line.
    source “dualview.mel”;

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    Hi there, the python installer, I installed etc into Maya2013 etc but can’t get this running in Maya 2014 – is that possible ?
    Thanks a lot – Alan.

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    I’m an artist and a bit of a scripting noob, but I finally learned how to use this and I think I’m going to love it! Thanks so much for sharing this.

    PS, I also had to empty the ini file to use without crashing. Seems to be good now though πŸ™‚

    Also, how many tabs does this support? I’m just using 3 of my most common used ones right now. Any max tab count though?

    Thanks again πŸ™‚

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    Hi, currently there is no mac version, if you remove the win32 parts it should run. Next update, maybe…

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    Hi, there’s no tab-limit, so you can use as much as you want. The script needs more testing, currently I don’t have the time to :).

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    I have a error in Maya 2015 SP3 windows 7 64 bits:

    # Error: file: C:/Users/philippe/Documents/maya/2015-x64/scripts/dualview.mel line 530: Panel customShotViewModelPanel not found. Available panels are : modelPanel1 modelPanel2 modelPanel3 modelPanel4 #

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    Running Windows 7 with Aero (just in case that’s relevant) Maya 2015
    I get a blank Maya window on monitor 2 but can’t do anything with it.
    Script editor shows the following error:-
    # Error: line 1: file: C:/Users/Mike/Documents/maya/2015-x64/scripts/dualview.mel line 530: Panel customShotViewModelPanel not found. Available panels are : modelPanel1 modelPanel2 modelPanel3 modelPanel4 #
    Not hot at scripting myself, I can’t see what’s going wrong. Hope you can suggest a solution.
    Sorry to bother you with his.

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    Please retry with the new version, seems that the sequenceManager in 2015 has some problems with custom modelPanels (although i can’t reproduce the error here, win7 64bit / maya 2015).

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    Thanks for the fast response.
    You are right, the error mentioned in the previous post goes away once the new version is installed.
    I can now see a Dv_scripted Panel Type and a set of dualview panels visible in the Panel Editor. I can’t see any way of using them however.
    Other posts refer to a popup dv config gui of some sort. I can’t see this, or find a menu item anywhere.
    No errors are apparent.
    Am I missing something?

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    Strange, there should be a second window beside the main maya window and an “dualview Settings” dockControl on the right side. Could you please test the following python script, and tell me if you can see the new dv_window?

    import maya.cmds as mc
    if mc.window('dv_window', exists=True): mc.deleteUI('dv_window', window=True)
    if mc.windowPref('dv_window', exists=True): mc.windowPref( 'dv_window', remove=True )
    mc.window( 'dv_window' )
    mc.windowPref('dv_window', topLeftCorner=(-4,1676), widthHeight=(1280,1005))
    mc.windowPref('dv_window', query=True, topLeftCorner=True)
    mc.windowPref('dv_window', query=True, widthHeight=True)
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    Hi Staschi,
    I forgot to say that a blank window on the second monitor is created, as in my first post.
    When I run the script you posted above, this screen disappears and a new floating grey screen appears partially on the right hand side of my main monitor. Output is as follows:-
    import maya.cmds as mc
    if mc.window(‘dv_window’, exists=True): mc.deleteUI(‘dv_window’, window=True)
    if mc.windowPref(‘dv_window’, exists=True): mc.windowPref( ‘dv_window’, remove=True )
    mc.window( ‘dv_window’ )
    mc.windowPref(‘dv_window’, topLeftCorner=(-4,1676), widthHeight=(1280,1005))
    mc.windowPref(‘dv_window’, query=True, topLeftCorner=True)
    mc.windowPref(‘dv_window’, query=True, widthHeight=True)
    dv_removeCallback dv_scriptedPanel;
    # Result: C:/Users/Mike/Documents/maya/2015-x64/scripts/dualview.mel #
    // Result: scriptEditorPanel1Window|TearOffPane|scriptEditorPanel1| formLayout81|formLayout83|paneLayout2|formLayout84| tabLayout2|formLayout86|cmdScrollFieldExecuter2 //

    It made me think that maybe my monitor setup might be a bit strange. I checked this. My main monitor is monitor 2. My second monitor is monitor 1 and is to the left of my main monitor. Not sure if any of that is relevant to the operation of your script but thought I should mention it.

    Thanks for taking this trouble.

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    That was my first thought but it seems everything is fine, so can you see the “dualview Settings” dockControl in the main maya window? With the dockControl you can fill the empty window on your second monitor, just click on the panel buttons to fill the layout list, change the left and center panes (if you want more than one pane) and click reload. The empty window on your second screen should be filled now.

    If not try this, maybe the control is hidden, MEL script:

    if (`dockControl -exists dv_dockControl`) {
        print "dockControl exists!\n";
        if (!`dockControl -query -visible dv_dockControl`) {
            dockControl -edit -visible true dv_dockControl;
            print "dockControl set visible!\n";
        } else {
            print "dockControl visible!\n";
    } else {
        print "no dockControl!\n";
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    Hi Staschi,
    Perfect! Can’t understand why it was hidden but the Dualview tab is now visible and working after running that MEL script.
    Thanks for all the extra effort. I hope some others might find it useful πŸ™‚

    I’m playing with layouts now. Looks very nice. Good work.
    Thanks for all the extra effort.


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    Afip Hidayatulloh

    Hi Staschi,

    Thanks for the script. Very cool script! I don’t know why maya still doesn’t have drag and dock feature on floating window. Even after effect have the feature. Your script works great for manage all window. I would like to ask however, can I add attribute window on? and is there a way to just remove one or some panel on layout list rather than clear all of it and create again from blank? thanks again for making this script.

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    Hi, if you add Attribute=MainAttributeEditorLayout to the dualview.ini you can already open the attribute editor but it doesn’t run very well because some functions can’t find the unparented editor anymore, this will cause maya to crash. I haven’t found a solution for this yet. But I added the delete function, just click on the panel under Layout an press the delete or backspace key. There are also some new width settings.

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    So this is a python script, and I’ll assume then that it won’t work for Maya LT? Just wondering, thanks.

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    Good point, maybe i will try to encapsulate the python part into the mel file for the next update. Haven’t tested the script under Maya LT…

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    Hi…ok I got the dual view going thanks!! the only problem is it only reflects the changes I make in the ‘main’ view when I have both perspective views. So for example If I make a change (orbit/zoom) in the main window in perspective view and I put the dual view ‘view’ to side or top for example, they don’t ‘copy’ the actions of the main window (the perspective view which I use for animation). The dual view only copies my actions from the main window when I have them both with perspective view πŸ™
    My aim was to be able to animate in the perspective view in the main window and see what I was doing at the same time with another view, in the dual view. That is a similar effect as multiple views in the main window but they are too small to be useful. With he dual view I hope to get 2 views in a ‘big’ size. Thanks again…

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    Hi, isn’t this just a maya setting? Window -> Setting / Preferences -> Preferences -> Time Slider -> Playback -> Update View -> All?

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    Hi staschi…no that wasn’t what I meant but a second go at it and in fact the dual view DOES work as described, my bad, I’m new with Maya and 3D. Thanks again!

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    It would be cool if you could add functionality to add panel vertically as well so you could set up 3 windows horizontally and 1 vertically is that possible? hopefully it does make sense

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    I had some time to do a bigger Update, so I added some functions and fixed stuff.

    Now the script is running in Maya LT.

    The horizontal Panel is added.

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    Hi staschi,

    I had the dual view working on maya 2013 but now that I have installed 2014 I only get a blank grey screen on the dual view window, no menus or anything.


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    Hi chdolye,

    please delete the dualview.ini and try this mel script:

    if (`dockControl -exists dv_dockControl`) {
        print "dockControl exists!\n";
        if (!`dockControl -query -visible dv_dockControl`) {
            dockControl -edit -visible true dv_dockControl;
            print "dockControl set visible!\n";
        } else {
            print "dockControl visible!\n";
    } else {
        print "no dockControl!\n";
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    John Cordeiro

    Staschi, how would I change the script to load the charcoalEditor instead of the standard maya script window?
    The command to run charcoal editor is simply charcoalEditor;

    Thank you,

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    Yuris Mangolds

    This script is a lifesaver! If you have the time and want to make it even more flexible, I have a feature request to make it allow multiple alternative dualview windows, so that a dualview window can be put on each secondary monitor for systems with 3+ monitors (I have 5 which I know sounds absolutely ridiculous so I’ll explain: I recently got a GPU render stack station for GPU rendering (4x nvidia Titan X’s) and also had a bunch of extra monitors laying around, so figured “what the hell, why not?.” Now that I’ve used it for a little while I must admit that it’s as awesome as it sounds (and looks the first time you see it) ridiculous). When I get some time I’ll see if I can figure out how to allow multiple instances, but my interface scripting skills are somewhat limited.

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    This is a really awesome script! I just wished it had a couple of changes to make it a bit easier to work with.
    Do you think you had time or interest in changing a little of the functionality? for example. It would be nice to have Tabs, so for example.
    Tab1 is ‘Main’ In that window you can have these panels, Outliner, Channels etc..
    Tab2 you have just the UV editor,
    Tab3 is just the Hypershade.

    This way you can have the UV and Hypershade in full screen instead of having to move the current windows around. Is this possible? I have a photoshop mock up if needed.

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    @John Cordeiro
    If you know the main layout name you can already add the charcoalEditor, edit the dualview.ini and add something like charcoalEditor=charcoalEditorMainLayout to it, you must change charcoalEditorMainLayout the the corresponding layout name. Next Version will have an option to add custom layouts/panels.
    @Yuris Mangolds
    I don’t know if its possible, it’s already a pain with just one window, but next version will have an option to save presets.
    You can change the layout so that it has three panels visible at once, change the settings for left, center and right pane. Next version will add some more customize functions.

    Sorry for the late reply, it’s just a spare-time project and i currently don’t have the time to work on it.

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    great script.
    why pressing F to focuses in the New Outliner does not work?

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    Is it possible to increase the size of the window. I am using an external monitor with my MBP and the window in the monitor cannot be expanded to fill the screen?

    Many thanks for this.

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    Fixed an problem with the presets and added the “Attributes” Panel. If you encounter errors, please redownload.

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    Thank you, Yuris.

    If you know the layout or panel name for an panel or layout which is not an maya default one (like Outliner Plus: http://www.timvoelcker.de/outlinerplus.html ), you can simply add that panel or layout to the dualview window.

    e.g. for OutlinerPlus

    Tab Name: OutlinerPlus
    Panel Name: OutlinerPlusLayout
    -> Add Own Panel

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    Is there a way to look up Panel Layout names. For example for the AnimSchoolPicker?

  52. Avatar photo

    You can return the name of all panels with the mel command:

    getPanel -allPanels;

    Just had a look at the AnimSchoolPicker plugin, it seems to use qt. So you won’t find a panel for that one.

  53. Avatar photo

    The next question than. Is it possible/much work to add qt panel/docker to your script?

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    Eric S.

    hello, staschi!
    I just purchased your dualView, and its pretty damn awesome…

    quick question… im trying to figure out this Add Own option, and im not sure if im doing it right or what…
    but in the end, my goal is to add the “Shape Editor” to a panel.
    …that is the NEW “Shape Editor” that was added to 2016.5, not the “Blend Shape Editor” that you already have a button for.

    I figured out a workaround way to do it by just adding any panel to a pane, and then going into the “panel” menu inside and selecting the Shape Editor through there. I think I had to add it through the “Panel Editor” first, but possibly not, cause i didnt look that hard to begin with… but this workaround has to be done every time I open up Maya… is there a way to add it through the “Add Own” option where it would save on exit?

    how would you go about doing this?

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    Eric S.

    i dont know if my previous comment went through or not, since i didnt see it pop up on the bottom, maybe you have to approve them before they show up…. but i just figured out the answer to my question RIGHT after i hit send on that question…

    I figured it out through your suggestion earlier in the comments of using
    “getPanel -allPanels;”
    in the Script editor to view all the panels in the list, and i found
    and entered that into the Add Own option, and it worked easy peasy!
    Once again, Awesome Script!
    Such a time saver and awesome way to get organized… especially for someone who does rigging like me and has to have a ton of windows open all at the same time.

  56. Avatar photo

    Yes Eric you’re right, thats the way it was meant to be used. Thanks for pointing out that there’s a new Panel. I will add that one in the next update.

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    Eric S.

    Hey, staschi! Thanks for your super-prompt response…

    I actually have a couple more questions for you…

    1)Is there a way to make the “Tool Settings” docked window to be a panel? I tried a few things and couldnt get it to work. I know its not a panel like the rest, but i figured its pretty close to the same as the Attributes Window that you got to work. If there is a way do to it currently, how would you do it?

    2)I can’t get the Channels Panel to work at all… when I add it to a Pane, and hit Reload, the Panel shows up, but its just completely empty… just grey… I thought maybe it could have to do with the fact that I have “SceneTools” installed and loaded on my Maya. Since it alters the Channel Box, I assumed that could be the reason.

    3)And one last question, which I guess is almost the same as my first question, is there a way to get the Connection Editor to load up in a Panel? This would be a particularly useful addition to riggers since a lot of riggers are frequently in the Connection Editor.

    Thanks for your awesome work!

  58. Avatar photo

    1) The script already had that function. If you uncomment the line 1400 (// dv_develop(); -> dv_develop();) in the dualview mel script you can add the tool settings. But it will cause maya to crash sometimes, so I won’t recommend it.

    2) In maya 2017 i also get an blank plane, this will need an update.

    3) You could use add own panel with “Connection Editor” as tab name and “cwForm” as panel name. That’s also not a perfect solution because the menubar of the window will stay inside the connection editor window.

    As maya 2017 introduces an new command (workspaceControl) the whole script needs some changes…

  59. Avatar photo

    Hi Staschi,

    Thanks for coding such a nice script πŸ˜‰

    Just wondering if there is a way to add a custom cam to the list of available panels, or even the default “back camera” in Maya.

    Also, is there any chance you’ll add the channel box as one of the available panels, just as you did with the attribte editor?

  60. Avatar photo

    Hi Toni, the channel box is already included (Channels). I’m currently working on an update to make the script maya 2017 compatible and to include the cameras (back, bottom, left). Also some problems with panels disappearing on opening a new scene will be fixed. Should be finished end of next week.

  61. Avatar photo

    Hi staschi!
    I want to try out your script but I only get a blank window whit a couple of warning messages.

    // Warning: int $values[7] = dvl_getValues();
    // Warning: “maya/2016.5/prefs/scripts/dualview-lite.mel” line 779.36 : Redeclaration of variable “$values” shadows previous declaration at line 734. Previous value will be overwritten by explicit initializer. //
    // Warning: string $tabAndPanelNames[] = dvl_getTabAndPanelNames();
    // Warning: “maya/2016.5/prefs/scripts/dualview-lite.mel” line 798.58 : Redeclaration of variable “$tabAndPanelNames” shadows previous declaration at line 745. Previous value will be overwritten by explicit initializer. //
    // Warning: int $values[7] = dvl_getValues();
    // Warning: “maya/2016.5/prefs/scripts/dualview-lite.mel” line 799.36 : Redeclaration of variable “$values” shadows previous declaration at line 734. Previous value will be overwritten by explicit initializer. //

    I tried to delete the .ini file and run that script that you mentioned but nothing happened. I run Maya 2016 Ext2 SP2 on Windows 10.

  62. Avatar photo

    Hi Nogre,
    I just updated both Versions. So you should try the new one.

    I also added:
    – Maya 2017 support
    – cameras (back, bottom, left)
    and fixed the disappearing panels.

  63. Avatar photo

    Staschi, I have question for you.I bought your script 4 month ago and I like this script, but I have problem with panels (they disappearing sometimes). To fix this problem I must buy your script again?

  64. Avatar photo

    Hi Serg, no, just download the script again with the link provided in the mail. I think i will create a mailing list for future updates.

  65. Avatar photo
    Andras Csefalvay


    I have purchased the full edition. With nothing to complain what so ever, I still have some requests. There are two panels I use often these days and would be helpful If it could be incorporated:
    the MuscleCreator menu and the Nightshade UV menu (the second being the oft used free uving plugin)
    It would be great if you could point me to how these could be added. Or not…

  66. Avatar photo
    pavel R.


    is there actually a more detail description about this tool (commercial version)?

    The “BUY” link sends one immediately to paypal but usually people would like to know a bit more about a product than just a numeric ‘x panel,…’ listing and a picture.

    Maybe it’s just me, but despite the fair price I still wan’t to know a bit more about the new/pro features.
    I know this script since maya 2014/15’ish so I am aware what it can (or can’t) and yes, it is sort of the only sophisticated dualscreen-setup solution out there. But some more info really wouldn’t hurt, especially since it went from ‘free’ to ‘lite’.

    Oh and btw, thanks to Autodesks desperate attempt to copy Adobes subscription (which sort of forces us to update to the latest public-beta, erhm. I meant of course the latest public-release, in some way), will this support the current 2018 release and such? (asking because the workspace handling got quiet updated in recent Maya versions)

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  67. Avatar photo

    This looks super cool, but when i run it i only get a blank new window. No options or even a window title or a way to close the window. its just empty. Any ideas? I’d love to try it out before i purchase it.

  68. Avatar photo

    Try to delete the dualview.ini file. If you get an error post it here. Sorry for the really late reply.

  69. Avatar photo

    Hi Staschi,
    It’s a wonderful very useful script! Thank you so much for taking your time to create it!

    There is a small request if I may:
    Channel Box > right click > Sync Graph Editor Display

    Ticking ON makes the Graph Editor go in a filter mode and display only the curve for that particular channel (or channels) currently highlighted in Cannel Box. It is particularly useful during animation as it helps to reduce clutter and focus on a specific animation curves.

    Unfortunately, once Graph Editor is docked into the Dualview the filtering is no longer functioning as expected.

    Hope it won’t be too much trouble to look into this.

  70. Avatar photo
    Hazem Mahmoud

    I bought this full version in past October 2017 , it’s a good script & doesn’t have most of the defects of the new Maya workspaceControl: like missed-up Top/Side/Front view if you tear them off to 2nd monitor for example.. I just wish if you had time to update this script to fully support Maya 2018 & its UV Toolkit, make it in general compatible with how Maya 2018 manage the UI.

  71. Avatar photo

    Hello, i would like to buy your full version for Maya 2018, if there is one. Please contact me when it is available!

  72. Avatar photo

    Sorry for the late reply, i have not updated the script for a long time, maybe i will release it as open source in the next month, as im doing now more 3d stuff again.

  73. Avatar photo

    Hi Staschi,

    Just came across this now. I’d love to give it a go in 2020, please let me know if you do release it as open source.

    Thank you


  74. Avatar photo

    Hey, I’m sorry for asking this if it has alredy been recuested but, is there a version that could work on maya 2019? Thanks for the work It seems so useful:)

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